The difference between air cooling and water cooling

1. The mode of heat dissipation is different. Air cooling uses a fan to introduce cold air and takes away the heat through the heat sink to complete the heat dissipation process. Water cooling uses liquid to force the circulation of the radiator under the drive of the pump to take away the heat of the radiator;

2. The medium is different. Air cooling uses wind to dissipate heat, the medium is air, and water cooling uses coolant;

3. Heat dissipation module design, air cooling can be simply divided into heat pipes, heat sinks and fans. Some heat dissipation devices do not have fans and rely on air duct design to achieve passive heat dissipation, while water cooling is divided into cold heads, water pumps, cold drains and connected water pipes. , through the water pump to complete the circulation of the coolant between the cold head and the cold row to achieve the effect of heat dissipation.

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