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UV light is used to cure circuit boards because it provides a fast and efficient way to cure the conformal Read more
  In the realm of industrial and scientific applications, the need for precise and efficient curing solutions has never been Read more
If you are looking for a high-powered, portable UV LED spot curing lamp flashlight, the FL02 is a great option. Read more
Custom spot size 1800mm*50mm wavelength:365nm UV curing is used in coating production lines 24 hours non-stop work #coating #uvcuring #uvledcuring Read more
In the past few decades, UV curing technology has shown its great application value in many fields, especially in the Read more
Curing equipment is used to harden materials, such as resins, by exposing them to light. The optical power per square Read more
High Power UV Curing Resin Process High power UV curing is a process that uses high intensity ultraviolet light to Read more
Handheld UV LED Spot Curing Lamp FL02 test
Handheld UV LED Spot Curing Lamp FL02 test flashlight   spot size :6mm Use Distance:20mm Optical power: 6.2w/cm^2     Read more
Seoul 365nm LED is a type of ultraviolet (UV) light emitting diode (LED) that emits light at a wavelength of Read more
The main difference between high-power 365nm ultraviolet flashlight and 365nm ordinary flashlight in curing is the intensity of the UV Read more