Compared with 222nm, 275nm and 254nm, which sterilization effect is better

According to the inactivation effect of 222nm, 254nm and 275nm on the new coronavirus, the experts obtained the inactivation effect of 275nm in the comparison test of irradiating each deep ultraviolet wavelength with the same amount of light energy (unit J Joule) in the same environment. equal to or higher than 254nm.


2 thoughts on “Compared with 222nm, 275nm and 254nm, which sterilization effect is better”

  1. Please explain in what way 254nm is better than 222nm.
    Are the outputs the same in watts? and the distance to the surface being treated?

    1. From the introduction of UVA, UVB, and UVC, we can see that when the wavelength of ultraviolet light becomes shorter, its penetrating ability is also weakened.

      Therefore, compared with 254 nm ultraviolet rays, 222 nm ultraviolet rays have less penetration depth in the skin, and naturally cause less damage to the human body.

      Research at Hiroshima University, Japan
      Sprinkle 100 microliters of the solution containing the new coronavirus on a 9 cm sterile polystyrene plate, place it in a biological safety cabinet, dry it at room temperature, and then irradiate it with a UVC lamp. The distance between the lamp and the plate is 24 cm .

      The experimental results showed that the inactivation rate of the new coronavirus culture was 99.7% after being irradiated with 222 nm UVC with a light radiation intensity of 0.1 mW/cm2 for 30 seconds.

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