Seoul Viosys Ultraviolet UV-C 275nm Deep UV LED CA3535 – CUD7GF1B

Ultraviolet (UV-C) 275nm Seoul Viosys LED Module


Lamp Bead Information

CUD7GF1B is a deep ultraviolet light emitting diode with peak emission wavelengths from 270nm to 278nm. The LED is sealed in Ceramic packages including an optical transparent window. It incorporates state of the art SMD design and low thermal resistance. CUD7GF1B is designed for air and water sterilization and tools including chemical and biological analysis in that spectral range.

Performance Characteristics


Table 1. Electro – Optical characteristic at 100mA

Table 2. Absolute Maximum Rating

Notes :
1. Peak Wavelength Measurement tolerance : ±3nm
2. Radiant Flux Measurement tolerance : ± 10%
3. Φe
is the Total Radiant Flux as measured with an integrated sphere.
4. Forward Voltage Measurement tolerance : ±3%
5. RθJ-S
is the thermal resistance between chip junction to solde


Mechanical Dimensions

Notes :
[1] All dimensions are in millimeters.
[2] Scale : none
[3] Undefined tolerance is ±0.2mm

Recommended Solder Pad

Notes :
[1] All dimensions are in millimeters.
[2] Scale : none
[3] This drawing without tolerances is for reference only




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