Handheld Point Light Spot UV LED Curing machine


Handheld Point Light :



Specifications :

1. Light source UV LED
2. Wavelength 365±5nm
3. Optical power 1000mw/cm²
4. Spot area ¢10mm @ 20mm
5. Power percentage 1-100%
6. Time setting 0.1s-999m
7. Switch control mode Irradiation head button, controller switch, controller control port
8. Maximum power consumption 5W
9. Controller power input DC 12V 1A
10. Power adapter input AC110-220V

Instructions for use :

Effectively connect each component, then power on the controller, set the parameters (the lighting state of the light source cannot be set), lightly touch the button on the irradiation head to light up the UV lamp, the controller will turn off the light source after the countdown, and also The light source can be switched off earlier by pressing the button again.

Controller port wiring method: switch two wires (regardless of positive and negative) into P+G trigger switch to light up the UV lamp, decide to shut down according to the countdown, or press the button again to turn off the UV lamp in advance. Connect the two wire ends of the switch (regardless of positive and negative) to L+G, keep the switch closed to turn on the UV lamp, and separate the switch to turn off the UV lamp.

When the time is greater than 0s, the UV lamp performs a countdown; when the time is equal to 0s, the UV lamp is always on, trigger the switch to start the UV lamp, and trigger the switch again to turn off the UV lamp.


The irradiation head should not be lit with high power for a long time to avoid burns!

Do not directly irradiate the skin with UV, so as not to cause damage to the skin!


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