Touch Screen uv led spot curing system 8CH


1. Touch screen display

Touch screen display as following


2. Touch screen’s screen switch description


1.Welcome interface

When you turn on the host at first time , it will jump out of the choice of language interface, select end customer’s required language, the system will record the user automatic language selection, when second time to enter the system, the welcome page will be displayed and directly jump to the corresponding language environment, if users need to change the language, the language can be re-selected on setting page.

2.Operating state interface

The state interface is a table that shows the operating parameters of the light source. Display contents include channel running state, running mode, working intensity, running time and working temperature.


Eight Channels Running Interface Second Page

Error pre-warning interface

The current interface used to display a number of LED error messages, when the error mark behind the listed projects was lighted, the user need to contact our company to help eliminate the trouble and ensure the normal operation of the device.


EightChannels Pre-warning Interface

Set main interface

Enter the main interface by initial password (1234), in the settings of the main interface, users can choose the language , restore the factory settings, modify the password, view LED use time etc. And the pulse and level setting of each channel is also completed in this page, after modifying the working state of the light head, need to save the settings in order to make the setting become effective


  1. 1Eight Channels Setting Interface First Interface


EightChannels Setting Interface Second Interface




FactorySetting Interface

In the Link Setting Interface, users can link numbers of channels to control easily. Users only need to open link switch, then operating one light head to control others.



LinkSetting Interface


Manual, automatic, advanced settings page

After entering each channel’s specific parameters setting page , there are three modes can be selected, select the appropriate mode to set specific parameters, after setting need to click “ Save setting ” on the lower right corner to make the settings effective, if click “ Returning “ on the upper right corner will not save the settings and configuration is still the old one

Manualmode settings interface

Automaticmode setting interface




Advancedmode settings interface


⑥ LED Working time state interface


5.1 Eight Channels Using Time Interface


○7 The corresponding serial number and definition of each pin are as follows:

NO. Signal Definition
1 CH1 Channel 1 start and stop signal
2 CH2 Channel 2 start and stop signal
3 CH3 Channel 3 start and stop signal
4 CH4 Channel 4 start and stop signal
5 COM1 Input common ground, the internal has been grounded
6 CH5 Channel 5 start and stop signal
7 CH6 Channel 6 start and stop signal
8 CH7 Channel 7 start and stop signal
9 CH8 Channel 8 start and stop signal
10 COM1 Input common ground, the internal has been grounded
11 EMER Interlocking signal
12 COM1 Input common ground, the internal has been grounded
13 BUSY1 CH1 Irradiation Signal
14 BUSY2 CH2 Irradiation Signal
15 BUSY3 CH3 Irradiation Signal
16 BUSY4 CH4 Irradiation Signal
17 COM2 Output common ground
18 BUSY5 CH5 Irradiation Signal
19 BUSY6 CH6 Irradiation Signal
20 BUSY7 CH7 Irradiation Signal
21 BUSY8 CH8 Irradiation Signal
22 COM2 Output common ground
23 12V+ DC12V , max. current 100MA
24 12V- DC12V , max. current 100MA



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