UV LED Air Purifier UV-S300A

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circulating antivirus machine

CE、Microbial detection Certificate
Suitable area:20m²-40m²

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Effectively kill harmful bacteria and viruses

Multiple UV LED + photocatalyst

The wall mounted design Better capture virus


Man machine coexistence


Touch Control


Automatic sterilization


Quadruple Purifier


Lower Power Consumption


Structural design

  1. The high-efficiency fan at the bottom absorbs air
  2. HEPA13 high-efficiency filter screen intercepts harmful viruses and bacteria
  3. multiple uv combination lamps react with aluminum based photocatalyst / sponge photocatalyst to completely eliminate harmful viruses and bacteria
  4. Then blow out healthy air through the top high-efficiency fan


UV rays give full play to the sterilization effect through photocatalyst carrier

Sponge photocatalyst

Under ultraviolet irradiation, refraction produces high-efficiency killing effect

Aluminum based photocatalyst

Honeycomb design, more durable use, stronger refraction effect


UV LED lamps

Multiple high efficiency combined

1.We choose several 275nm UV LED lamps to combine together to fully ensure the product effect.

2.It can work continuously for 50000 hours.

3.The sterilization rate reached 99%.


Experimental tesing

SARS-CoV-2 test result


Hepa13 High Efficient filter

In order to give better play to the effect, we choose the combination of high-efficiency filter screen

1. Hepa13: efficient interception of viruses and bacteria

2. Sponge photocatalyst: better than ultraviolet photocatalytic reaction

3. Activated carbon: remove the peculiar smell in the air

4. Sterilized flannelette: better secondary interception of residual bacteria


Dual fan design

More efficient indoor air circulation

1. One fan is responsible for drawing air, and the other fan is responsible for discharging healthy air Efficient cooperation of double fans

2. Up to 50000 hours of service life

3. Lower noise and meet the long-term indoor use


National quality certificate

CE certificate

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Dimensions 48 × 37.6 × 20 cm


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