the main uses of 365nm ultraviolet rays

365nm UV rays are a type of ultraviolet radiation that falls within the UV-A band. They have many applications such as:

  • Killing bacteria: 365nm UV rays can break down the cell wall of bacteria such as MRSA and prevent their growth.
  • Curing resin: 365nm UV rays can harden the resin by initiating a chemical reaction that links the molecules together. This is useful for construction projects, dentistry, and other fields that require strong and durable materials.
  • Detecting features in machine vision: 365nm UV rays can reveal features that are invisible to the human eye or normal cameras, such as scratches, defects, fingerprints, or security marks3. This can help with quality control, inspection, or authentication of products or documents.
  • Producing fluorescence effects: 365nm UV rays can excite certain molecules to emit visible light of different colors, creating a glowing effect2. This can be used for artistic, scientific, or educational purposes, such as painting, microscopy, or mineralogy.

    These are some of the main uses of 365nm UV rays.

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