Ultraviolet (UV-C) 275nm Seoul Viosys UV LED module that can kill the covid-19

Ultraviolet (UV-C) 275nm Seoul Viosys LED Module

Scope of action of Seoul Viosys’s new UV LED module

widely used in:Filter  / condenser  / Air Purification

Filter can 99.9% Disinfection

Condenser can 99.9% Disinfection

Air Purification can 95% Deodorization

Air Purification:Remove VoCs , bad smel and smoke (95% deodorization performance by violeds technology ) Disinfection

Clean air in your home and removal harmful bacteria and virus
(99.9% sterilization performance by violeds technolegy)


Based on the technology of Seoul Viosys, we make a special antivirus module


Ultraviolet air circulation anti-virus machine based on Seoul


Base on Seoul Viosys’ Violeds air purification disinfectorUVC Deep led Air Purification Disinfector

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