The principle of UV curing machine (how long does it take for ultraviolet glue to cure? The curing principle of UV curing machine)

1. The curing principle of UV glue

The curing of UV glue is based on the acrylate adhesive, adding a certain amount of photoinitiated active substances. Under the irradiation of ultraviolet light of a certain wavelength, the UV glue will generate active free radicals or ionic groups, thereby forming the reaction conditions of polymerization, crosslinking and grafting, so that the UV glue can be transformed from liquid to solid in a short time.

Second, how long does UV glue usually take to cure?

one,. Use UV glue on both substrates for bonding, and apply glue with a thickness of about 0.1mm on the surface. You can choose a UV curing machine with a light intensity of about 1200mW/cm2. Under the irradiation of the ultraviolet light source, it takes about 1-5s to complete the curing of the ultraviolet adhesive on the surface of the substrate, so as to achieve a high-strength bonding effect and meet the rhythm requirements of the industrial production line.

two,. Most UV adhesives have added a photoinitiator with a main peak of 365nm, which needs to be cured with a UV light source with a wavelength of 365nm. Shenzhen SanQianJia Technology Co., Ltd. can provide 365nm 385nm 395nm 405nm band (customizable band) UVLED curing machine, including UV point light source, line light source, surface light source, curing box, tunnel furnace and other UV curing equipment, suitable for various UV adhesives, inks, glues, varnishes and other photosensitive materials.

three,. The curing time of UV adhesive mainly depends on the density of UV adhesive, required spectral wavelength, radiation energy value and other factors. UV glues and inks also exhibit different properties to a large extent.

4. UV-LED curing machine, UV glue curing, UV-LED curing light source


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